by Pete on April 22nd, 2012

Woolys pigs are here!  After a couple of years without Mangalitsa pigs on the farm, we are happy to announce they have returned!  We'll be custom growing a small group of Mangalitsas for our good friend and star chef Jason Bond as well as our other wonderful and dedicated local chef friend, Peter McCarthy at EVOO in Cambridge.  We have a few extra Wooly's this season for any chef or individual interested.  Email us if you wish to learn more about these amazing pigs!

by Pete on April 1st, 2012

After spending several months in and around the greenhouses for the winter, then hens are back on grass.  We moved them out two weeks ago and they are making up for lost time eating lots of tender rye-grass shoots.  The yolks are already that deep-orange color that make our eggs so tasty.

For now, the birds will range on land which was seeded last fall to winter rye.  The rye is a fast growing green cover crop which will eventually be tilled and turned into the soil to provide organic matter and nourishment to a vegetable crop.  We like the birds to graze rye because this time of year it is very tender and plentiful.  The perennial pastures still need time to green-up and get growing plus we don't like to impact the pastures with our livestock before they are ready with their spring lush growth.

by Pete on March 19th, 2012

It's that time of year again!  This weekend I went to Vermont to pickup our first group of heritage breed piglets.  They are mostly Tamworth piglets, with a few Old Spots mixed in.  They are settling in nicely and, as piglets tend to be, a curious and rambunctious group.  Here are a few photos....

by pete on March 3rd, 2012

The thief fessed up! Thanks to all who sent on our e-mails and helped out!
Every once in awhile things don't turn out as you'd planned. Our self-serve mini-store which operates on the honor system, and has been operating smoothly for years now, was violated yesterday by a dishonest person.

Unfortunately, yesterday we caught someone in the act with our video cameras. We have several cameras in the store video taping 24/7 just to make sure folks are safe and that things like this don't happen. Things do happen and we are quite sad. This theft was not a casual theft, it was blatant and intentional. If you know who this person is please let us know immediately.

by Pete on March 2nd, 2012

The United States Department of Agriculture just launched it's newest campaign promoting local food. The site was launched yesterday via a webcast and Jen was profiled as one of the farmers during the presentation! See her photo down below, second from the left with the full profile on page 43 of the pdf! Here is a link to the USDA website. GO JEN!

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