by Pete on March 4th, 2014

The on-line store is now open!

Reserve tasty chicken and pork today!

by Pete on February 28th, 2014

Online ordering will officially begin on March 4th!  Get set, ready....get them chickens!

by Pete on February 18th, 2014

Thanks to our wonderfully supportive customers we have nabbed our thief!  An anonymous tipster provided the identy of our newest pilferer.  After reviewing countless hours of footage on our security system we discovered the perpetrator had been nicking items from the store for many many weeks.  The grand tally was in the hundreds of dollars!  With the help of the Concord police we were able to track down the individual and she has since paid us for most of the items taken from the mini-store. 

We have now posted a sign in the store alerting folks more clearly that the little space is indeed under 24 hr surveillance -  for all our safety.  We hope this does not deter folks from visiting our small shop and enjoying all the tasty treats we have to offer. 

We need the honor to remain in the "honor-system" which all of us have enjoyed for many years now. 

Thanks again for all the support and kind words. 

by Pete on February 7th, 2014

Theft - it happened again!

Today we discovered someone stole eight (8) packages of our tasty ground pork and one dozen cracked eggs.  This person entered our mini-store at 9:58 am today, February 7th and after perusing our wonderful offerings decided to help herself to our entire stock of ground pork.  There was no effort to pay in anyway. 

We believe this person has stolen the same items at least twice before over the last couple of weeks.  In total over 20lbs of ground pork (plus eggs) worth over $200 has been taken. 

As some folks know, this occurred a couple of years ago.  We reluctantly posted the images of the person who made off with our products without paying and luckily this person came clean within 48 hours and sent us a check for the items she "borrowed. "

It breaks our hearts that folks find it necessary to take advantage of the HONOR in our honor store.  We work extremely hard to provide the best and tastiest products we can grow and trust that folks believe in what we do and are willing to actually pay for all the items we have to offer. 

Help us keep the honor store open and please assist us in finding this person.  Please forward, tweet, Facebook, pass these images on to everyone you know in the hopes the person in question will come clean and pay for the items she took today.

The person appears to be a woman in her 20's, thin, wears glasses and in the images below is wearing a ski cap which says "Clarkson".  Help us identify and find her!

by Pete on November 19th, 2013

The hurry of the growing season is slowly coming to a close.  Frosty nights and frozen hoses are now the norm and we are putting the last of the summer gear away as we get closer to our first snowfall.  It's been a wonderfully productive season with lots of changes at our new home farm in Sudbury.  We've created all new infrastructure, installed a small high-density orchard and have been clearing overgrown fence lines and removing invasive species from the property.  Looking back, we have accomplished a great deal and are proud of the improvements to the land.  Ever the case in farming, there is still much to do!  We are about to install another, smaller, greenhouse to house the laying hens and rabbit herd  during the cold winter months.  And we have yet more land to clear and improve...on and on!

Backyard Baby farm training begins...

There is no time like the present to introduce our beautiful son to the happenings on the farm.  We caught up with the Jamaican guys from Verrill farm picking pumpkins in October and posed for a few photos.  Then it was on to the farm critters - pigs, goats and turkeys....  Hopefully next year he'll be able to control his arms enough to collect eggs!

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