About our farm

We began our first small flock of chickens in 2003 and have expanded due to the growing interest in clean, tasty and humanely raised meats and eggs. We sell most of our products right from the farm by pre-order, through our mini-store in Concord (sign onto our e-mail list for directions), and to select restaurants in Boston.

Our goal is to grow healthy, happy and tasty animals for our local community while respecting the land and our wonderful animals. Please take a moment to explore our website. We have lots of information to share about our sustainable growing practices along with many fun and informative photos of our animals. Wishing you a tasty day!

Our best,
Pete, Jen & Abraham

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4 days ago
Capon, Freedom ranger, turkey, pork sampler pick up now scheduled for November 2!
4 days ago
Grass fed beef t/ bone and sirloin steaks now available in the mini-store! Tasty liverwurst too!
4 days ago
Fresh baby ginger available and in mini store now!
1 week ago
Our last chicken pickup and turkey harvest pushed back to nov 2 - birds need more time to plump up!
1 week ago
Our turkeys and other beasts eat grass . Do you know what YOUR beasts eat? t.co/…